Abstract Art



This painting is from my first experiments with circle space. One of the problems of creating any painting, especially an abstract one, is associated with the choice of a composition that would not only correspond to the concept of the artwork, but would also help to place various colors, shapes and objects on the plane of the painting and combine them into a single image - a harmonious integral artwork.

At the first attempts to create this painting, with the help of which I hoped to convey universal images and complex psychological experiences, it turned out that the spatial visual field of a round painting, devoid of angles and diagonals, significantly differs from the spaces of rectangular paintings known to me from my previous experience, which required a detailed study all the structural properties and spatial possibilities of the circle.

This minimalist artwork refers to the study of one of the main spherical structures associated with the immersion of an object directly into the central zone of the painting, concentrated around the space-light axis. The illusion of space and light absorption of the object is here enhanced by the use of lines that visually fix the plane of the painting and act as a kind of reference point for the effect of spatial depth arising in the center of the painting.